Johnny Lambs was born in 1978 imposing itself in the contemporary man's wardrobe with an unexpected, original and provocative style. From its inception what sets it apart from the crowd is its unconventional approach to print design. Creative curiosity and lateral thinking combined with the brand's roots and history will lead in a well-defined and unique direction, ready to shatter the preconceptions of statement patterns. Trendy irony and transversality will be key to convey positivity and emotion in everyday life. Expression, art in fashion, color psychology and reworked tailoring will be the inspirational concepts of the upcoming collections.



Johnny Lambs is the provocative English translation of
Italian name Gianni Agnelli. A formula coined
in the mid-1970s and inspired by the iconic shot
showing lawyer Gianni Agnelli off Forte dei Marmi diving naked from a boat.

"Better a day at Lambs than a hundred at lions."
Recited one of Johnny Lambs' early advertising campaigns. A phrase that has entered the history of fashion and is the manifesto of a provocative, ironic and original lifestyle and approach to life style. Then stylistically translated into the exaggerated patterns and bold colors of the garments of the Johnny Lambs collections. Elements that made it possible to consecrate the polo shirt as the brand's iconic garment.



In December 2019, the Nardelli family, took over the Johnny Lambs brand, maintaining its distinctive DNA and heritage of nearly half a century (44 years in 2022).
Today Johnny Lambs maintains its playful and proud character from its history of more than 40 years.
The brand offers a versatile collection dedicated to a comfortable, reassuring yet colorful and absolutely cool lifestyle. Confirming the polo shirt as an identifying garment as well as a stylistic passe-partout from the 1970s to the present day.
The brand today looks to the contemporary man with the aim of offering a total look where the choice of style becomes an expression of one's personality.
Irony, unexpected details and lots of color were, and remain, the distinctive values of Johnny Lambs style.